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Constitution of Albania

The present Constitution defines Albania as a unitary parliamentary constitutional republic. It has a unicameral legislature composed of 140 members, who elect the President as the head of state, the Cabinet, which consists of the Prime Minister as the head of government, Deputy Prime Minister and all other Ministers.


We, the people of Albania, proud and aware of our history, with responsibility for the future, and with in God and/or other universal values, ah determination to build a social and democratic state based on the rule of law, and to guarantee the Jamental human rights and freedoms, With a spirit of tolerance and religious coexistence, With the pledge for the protection of human dignity and personhood, as well as for the prosperity of the le nation, for peace, well-being, culture and social solidarity, with the centuries-old aspiration of the Albanian people for national identity and unity, With a deep conviction that justice, peace, harmony and cooperation among nations are among the hest values of humanity, We establish this Constitution.

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